Lopers Football Look For a Turnaround

UNK quarterback Steve Worthing scrambles out of the pocket to pass. 

After three grueling weeks for Lopers football the team finds themselves at 1–3 continuing to drop in MIAA standings.

They now face a winless Missouri Southern State program, looking to turn things around in week five.

This week the Lopers took to practice focused on improving their offense.

Starting with their passing game, UNK ranks last in the conference completing only a little more than half their pass attempts.

While the Lopers still out rank their opponents in scoring, the team still expects a tough verse the Lions.

"They're a really good defense, they're a multiple defense showing a bunch of different looks," head coach Josh Lynn said. "Our thoughts are be simple go out there and play fast and adjust to what they give us."

"They're a good team, they're really athletic, and they're a real physical team," linebacker Sal Silvio said. "So we just got to match that."

"They do a lot of different things on defense, they're very multiple, and it's a big mental week for us," quarterback Steve Worthing said. "We got to be focused on what they're doing, find their front and ID their coverage before the play every play," Worthing continued. "Because it's different every time and they bring a lot of pressure, so it's a huge mental week for the Lopers."

The Lopers kick off against Missouri Southern State Saturday at 3 PM. Then are back home Oct. 7. Against Central Missouri.

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