Quarterback race ongoing, Worthing in lead

UNK quarterback Steve Worthing rolls hard right before making a pass, Aug. 7, 2017 (KHGI)

KEARNEY - When spring football came to a close for UNK, there was no definitive starting quarterback named by head coach Josh Lynn.

It appeared he may have done so when he brought Steve Worthing to Kansas City for the MIAA Media Day.

Worthing certainly had the credentials to be a representative for the blue and gold, having been the starting quarterback for much of 2016 (nine games) and a captain.

"He's an older guy," Lynn said. "Not only that, he's starting to emerge himself from the other guys. We're not going to call it yet, but he's a step ahead right now."

This was not a direct indication of who the number one guy is for this season, but coach Lynn is willing to say it sends a message to the other guys competing for the job.

"It says something to the entire team. The quarterback spot is the only position on the entire field where I feel, in my opinion, you can only play with one. You can't rotate them, so the quicker we get that position established, it helps our entire offense out," says Lynn.

At the end of spring ball, Worthing was named the offensive MVP. He threw for 1803 yards and 11 touchdowns, plus another 213 rushing and another score in 2016.

The Lopers had a great first practice and the continue each day this week, finishing it off with a scrimmage on Saturday.

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