Roseberry played sophomore season with perspective

UNK freshman Ty Roseberry stands in the Memorial Field batter's box on April 7, 2017 (KHGI)

Loper baseball was forced to play a majority of their season knowing in the back of their minds, the program was coming to an end.

Even with those thoughts lingering all season, UNK players still managed to find success.

"We all just kind of realized that and we were like we might as well just go out and have fun since it is the last year and then we're going to be moving on so we might has well have fun while we're here," said first baseman Ty Roseberry.

The Kearney, Neb. native had a banner year in 2018, starting 45 games, hitting .332 with 44 RBI and 15 home runs to go along with a .458 on base percentage.

The news concerning the program was a tough pill to swallow for Roseberry, who’s been playing baseball at Memorial Field for years, but the young man was able to have some perspective.

"I don't know, I kind of looked at it as, there's just more to life than baseball," he said. "I knew something good was going to happen if we just let it play out just the best you can and let it go from there I guess."

Roseberry’s time in Kearney has come to a close, but his baseball career continues to thrive. He’s transferring to Nebraska and has two years of eligibility.

"It was definitely obviously the best school that was looking at me," said Roseberry. "I mean I had a lot of division two offers, lower level, mid–level division one talking to me and looking at me. Obviously I'm from Nebraska so it's something I've wanted to do my whole life. It made the decision pretty easy."

The former Loper shared some very interesting information regarding his future if UNK still had a program.

We share it with you in our online special, Strike Three, which is nearly complete - all we’re waiting on is an interview with Chancellor Doug Kristensen.

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