The Return of the National Champs

The Broncos hold their first practice on the court.

They just got their rings and now they're back to work. Today Hastings College Volleyball held their first practice.

With four starters returning all eyes are on another national title.

Coach Matt Buttermore enters his sixth season leading the Broncos on the court.

The girls spent the day working on communication on the court, running through different plays practicing digs, kills, and blocking.

Before the season gets underway coach Buttermore's main priority is teaching the new comers ways of the Broncos offense and defense.

As well as getting the upperclassmen back in the old grind.

"Ball control, our offense is pretty new for a lot of the newcomers, so just getting the returners back in the flow of it," Buttermore said. "Our defense is pretty new for a lot of people so just getting through the basics and then we'll all be on the same page which makes it easier to play faster together."

"You know we have some good talent and coming back with some new talent in the gym so we like our chances and we'll know more here pretty soon.," Buttermore continued.

Day ones practice brought a positive energy to the Broncos, getting the ladies excited for the new year.

"The first couple of days everyone's excited to see each other and a lot of the new comers are excited," Buttermore stated. "So we got to keep working together and just take it one day, one week at a time."

The Broncos begin their 2017 season at the Johnson and Wales tournament on Sep. 1st versus Ottawa University.

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