AOW: Grace Townsend of Holdrege Softball

Townsend catching grounders at third. 

Holdrege Softball off to a perfect start this season, as Grace Townsend leads the way from the circle.

One week into the softball season and the Holdrege Dusters have taken the competition by storm. Thanks to pitcher Grace Townsend who's totaled for 15 strikeouts and only allowing seven hits and no runs in the team first four games. An accomplishment she humbly credits her defense for on having her back.

"I feel, I mean I think it's great that my team can help me out so much in the field," Townsend said. "I have a great defense behind me so that's really cool they stop the ball behind me and they get the job done to."

For Townsend getting the job done starts at each practice with infield conditioning. Followed by pitching in batting practice.

"Just working hard at practice," Townsend continued. "You know getting the job done at practice you know listening to coach, we have a new coaching staff that's really helping us out and getting us along."

"It just gives a boost to the entire team," head coach Mark Freburg said. "The fans like it of course we have a great atmosphere when the students come out here and make a lot of noise, but she gives us a great boost, a lot of experience she's not nervous."

Perhaps nerveous is the complete opposite of Townsend's attitude. At times coach Freburg finds himself forcing his pitcher to take a break when she wants to keep pushing.

"She expects to pitch a lot of innings, we don't expect her to pitch all the games, but she expects to," Freburg said. "So we kind of have to slow her down once in a while to just to keep her off the mound," freburg continued. "She loves to throw batting practice to and I have to stop her and say let me or somebody else so she's a great leader."

Leading 10 other seniors on Holdrege softball, Townsends leadership, sportsmanship and talent on the mound makes her our first athlete of the week for this fall.

"They communicate so well and we know each other so well," Townsend stated. "We've been playing with each other so long, basically I think we have one under classmen that's starting varsity and the rest of us I'm pretty sure are all seniors."

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