Betting based on a name

Horses break from the starting gate at Fonner Park (KHGI)

Get those exact and trifecta bets in, find your seats, take a long sip of some suds and get ready to sweat those L's.

It's the 29th running of the Gus Fonner Stakes, a $75,000 purse, and only seven horses running this year.

Some choose to handicap the race, others like to get a good look at the horse itself and a select few may bet based on a name.

If anyone needs a unique story – the seven horse may be of interest.

"It's my understanding that there were two gentlemen who owned the horse when he was born and it was one gentleman's turn to name the horse," said owner Tyree Wolesensky, who purchased Pain and Misery, along with her husband, with the intent to run this race.

"(The man who's job was to name the horse) had shingles really bad," Wolesensky says. "I don't know, I'm just in pain and misery and so that became his name," recalls Wolesensky from the story told to her.

Pain and Misery is starting from the seventh post position and opens as a 7/2 favorite, the third highest odds for the ninth race.

Saturday's card starts at 1:30 and the Fonner Stakes runs at 5:40 p.m.

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