Danger free agents must learn quick

Danger IFL.PNG

Teams in the Indoor Football League are always keeping their eyes open for players who can make their roster better from top to bottom.

The Nebraska Danger recently adding three players to their roster, including one who spent time with the Tennessee Titans, in defensive back Gary Wilburn.

"We're trying not to have a large amount of guys integrated at one time we have one or two on one side of the ball that we can manage," head coach Mark Stoute said. "We still have to get everybody else ready to go. So it's a little bit tougher than say a training camp."

Bringing in these new guys requires getting them up to speed in a hurry and can be a challenging task, especially if they're new to the rules of the IFL.

"Offensively you're restricted by what you can do with them depending on what their position is. The easiest thing to integrate would be a lineman that's probably the easiest thing with receivers and running backs would be the toughest with the timing of the quarterback because we run a lot of zone read so it's timing with all the pulls and keeps," said Stoute.

Coming off a bye week, Nebraska facing Sioux Falls at the Heartland Events Center Friday night. The Storm winning the only meeting between the two teams in 2018, 45–37.

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