Heroes, Hoops, Hope game played for third year

Anthony Ianni (KHGI)

Anthony Ianni's "Relentless Tour" is making its way through Nebraska, with a motto of "Three for 30–thousand," as in number of kids reached in three years.

Billed as the first Division I basketball player diagnosed with autism, Ianni is once again teaming up with the Kids and Dreams foundation to spread his message about autism awareness and anti–bullying.

Mixed into this three–day whirlwind is the "Heroes–Hoops–Hope" charity basketball game with former Husker and former Loper football players taking on leaders of the community from the surrounding areas.

Guys like Luke McNitt, Brandon Reilly, Jack Gangwish, Tyke Kozeal, Blake Holtmeier, Mason Brodine and more are playing.

At halftime, Ianni shares a shorter version of his message he brings to schools throughout the area during his swing through the state.

The basketball game is an autism–friendly environment, so the horns are not sounded at the end of each quarter among and there are autism friendly packs available for those who would like one.

It's free for the public and taking place at UNK's Health and Sports Center, Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

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