Laettner reflects on infamous game winner

Christian Laettner speaks to a group of kids attending his camp in Hastings, Neb. on June 19, 2018 (KHGI)

Former Duke University and NBA star Christian Laettner has made his way into the Tri–Cities this week, hosting his academy's summer camp at Hastings High School through Wednesday.

A gold medalist from the 1992 USA Olympics "Dream Team", Laettner has a lot to offer these young players on the court after spending 13 years in the NBA, making six playoff appearances.

But the biggest highlight he's remembered for came in his final year with the Blue Devils; on a pass from Grant Hill, the unforgettable turnaround jumper as the horn sounded to defeat Kentucky and help Duke go on to win their second straight national title.

"It didn't give me more momentum, it kind of made me sad, that, "Hey, we had to hit a last second shot just to get to the final four,'" Laettner said.

Easily one of the greatest game winning shots of all time, but for Laettner, the moment meant nothing more than to keep working harder.

"I was a little shocked and saddened by it and I hope that we can win the next two games to get another championship.

"So, actually, it didn't propel me. It made me take a step back and realize, 'Hey we could be beaten by the next team we play, Indiana or Michigan.' So it really put me on point that we're not invincible, we can be beaten, so it kind of scared me a little to tell you the truth."

Laettner's camp in Hastings, Neb. has brought kids in from as far as North Carolina.

His next stops are Buffalo, N.Y., then Jacksonville, Fla.

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