Noreen returns to roots in Youngstown

Tri-City Storm head coach Anthony Noreen raises his stick when talking about a slap shot during a Jan. 3, 2018 practice (KHGI)

Tri–City embarking on their single longest road trip of the season, around 2100 miles round trip.

Destination: Youngstown, Ohio, and the former stomping grounds of Storm head coach Anthony Noreen.

"I'd be lying if I said I don't think it'd be something a little extra when we get there, I think that's just human nature," said Noreen.

No stranger to eastern Ohio, Noreen spent four seasons leading the Phantoms to 117 wins on the ice, including a trip to the Anderson Cup.

"It's no different than saying Sam playing against his previous team or Tyler playing against Central Illinois, or guys up and down our line–up who've played in other places, you know when you play your old team it is something special," Noreen says.

In his final season, he was voted USHL Coach of the Year after leading the program to 17 consecutive wins, a Tier I junior hockey record.

Now looking on from the away team bench, Noreen faces a coaching staff who once served under his leadership, making the game a little extra special.

"It does mean a little bit more, but you know the staff, the coach and GM are guys who were all on my staff they know the same if not more about me, but at the end of the day it's going to come down to what it should come down to and that's the players executing," Noreen said.

Tri–City is two wins shy of matching it's total from last season of 21, and even after this weekend, they're only a game past the halfway point.

The Storm are still chasing Fargo for first in the Western Conference, three points back of the Force and three games in hand.

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