Storm climb to 1st in Western Conference

Tyler Madden, a forward for the Tri-City Storm, skates at the Viaero Center, Jan. 3, 2018 at a practice (KHGI)

After going 2–0 this weekend at Youngstown and getting a little help from Sioux City, who beat Fargo in two–straight, the Tri–City Storm (21-8-1-1) are now first in the Western Conference by a point.

The celebration is led by head coach, Anthony Noreen.

"I mean, I'll be honest, I couldn't tell you what one score in our league or where one team really sits in the standings unless people like you tell me," Noreen said. "That's the only time I ever find out.

"To me, it's a waste of energy to look at what anybody else is doing. We've got enough to worry about here, we've got enough on our plates without having to look at the scoreboard and see what other teams are doing or wonder where we're at in the standings."

The Storm (44 pts) lead the Force by one and are three clear of Waterloo, four of Omaha. The good news gets even better for the purple and black, who have three games in hand against Fargo and two on Waterloo.

"We need to get better, we need to attack our next game, whatever the result is, we need to do the same thing the next day and continue to do that," Noreen says. "I think our guys have done a really good job of that. You don't hear guys around our locker room talking about what place were in or what the scores were in any other games, and that tells me that our coaching staff is doing their job."

Now the last place franchise in the Eastern Conference, Central Illinois, comes to the Viaero Center Friday and Saturday night. The Flying Aces have 11 wins this season and have lost seven of eight coming to Kearney.

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