Kearney's McBride seeking state rodeo title repeat

Gauge McBride practices on his spur board outside his home. (June 8, 2018) (KHGI)

Many riders from across Nebraska are in the midst of making their final preparations for the state rodeo championships. Training for these kinds of events can be a lot different than people realize.

Gauge McBride of Kearney, the defending state champ in Bareback Riding for example spending most of his time training on his spur board.

"I've been riding my spur board a lot," McBride told NTV. "It really helps to have your timing right."

A wooden saddle replica of a horse, which helps him work on his form, while building up the right muscles and strength to stay in shape.

"I try to keep my toes turned out and move my feet really fast and then keep my force strong. "

Though it's nowhere near the intensity of riding a horse in a competitive situation, McBride seeing progress with this type of conditioning.

"Keeping your toes turned out really helps because it keep a hold and keeps the weight off your hands. And then fast feet to beat the horse to the ground. If you don't beat them (the horse) to the ground it's probably going to drill you."

To get a repeat at the state title, McBride will have to top Trey Seevers of North Platte, who he currently trails in the standings by five and a half points.

The state rodeo championships will be held Thursday, June 14. In Hastings.

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