Lifting through off season propels Aurora runners

The Aurora girls cross country team spends the off season weight lifting (KHGI)

Winning back–to–back state titles on the cross country course, the girls of Aurora are back at it for summer training, but not in a place where many would expect a distance runner to be.

"A lot of people look at the summer as a time to put in the miles in running on the streets, but we focus a lot of our summer on the weight room getting stronger.," head coach Tony Sigler said.

Starting almost every morning in the weight room, the Huskies have developed a daily routine of lifting before their runs, aiming to build up their muscles for each race.

To be a good distance runner you really need speed and endurance, and I really think lifting really gets you speed and it really helps you get back endurance in the later parts of the race, so for me that's really beneficial," said Maya Nachtigal, class of 2019.

These workouts include different drills focused on endurance lifting to strengthen the core, while adding to their competitive mentality.

Something which may seem unusual in the sport of long distance running, but for Aurora, it's their first step to faster times and another run at gold.

"We feel that the more time you put in the weight room over the summer, the less likely you're going to get injured in the season," Sigler said. "And on top of that the stronger you'll be as the season progresses if your body breaks down."

The Huskies placed four in the top 21 spots at the 2017 state title and four of their top six runners return when school is back in session.

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