Ravenna one win from matching total of previous two years

Ravenna head coach James Habe talks to his team during a practice on Jan. 2, 2018 (KHGI)

Ravenna has a long and proud basketball tradition with eight state championships, the latest coming at the conclusion of the 2011-12 season.

In recent years, the boys program has struggled to find their footing. The Bluejays yielded a seven-win season last year and had a dismal 1–21 finish in the 2015-16 campaign.

"We just had a group that was sick and tired of losing and they put in the work over the summer and in the morning and now they're reaping the benefits of it," said head coach James Habe.

This year, the Bluejays appear poised to right the ship as they began on a seven game winning streak, one shy of the same number they collected the previous two years.

"We haven't changed a whole lot, we just finally have some guys in the right positions to do what we've been trying to do," Habe says. "We've been able to pressure the ball. We've been able to develop some kids who are filling roles that have been missing in the past and you know it's turning into a pretty decent team right now."

The Bluejays (7-1) had their run halted by Riverside at the Ravenna Holiday Tournament, so they’re looking to begin a new streak against Doniphan–Trumbull (5-3) on Thursday at home.

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